Throughout its history, the Venango County Humane Society has done much more than just operate an animal shelter. 

Knowing that decreasing the pet population is the key to controlling the problem of unwanted and stray animals, the Venango County Humane Society created a spay and neuter program in 1984. The program provided financial assistance for the spay or neutering of any dog or cat adopted from the shelter.  The Venango County Humane Society was a national leader in this movement.  In the early 1990’s, the spay and neuter fund began to cover the entire cost of spaying or neutering adopted animals.

Today, EVERY animal  adopted from the Venango County Humane Society is spayed/neutered to promote pet population management.

Every TUESDAY and SATURDAY night we host BINGO to support the Spay/Neuter Program of our shelter animals.  It is held at the Lee Bessler Hall in Seneca, PA and open to the public.  Door open at 5 PM and bingo begins at 7 PM.  The bingo fundraising has been conducted since 1993 by two of our dedicated board members.  Every person who adopts an un-altered animal from our shelter receives a free spay/neuter certificate.

Since 1983, we have given over 14,700 free spaying or neutering certificates to adoptive owners of cats or dogs adopted from our shelter.  The average cost of each certificate that is redeemed after the surgery is $85. Therefore, this program has provided about $1,249,500 for the prevention of unwanted puppies and kittens in Venango County!

If the Venango County Humane Society should ever be forced to close for economic reasons, this spay or neuter program will disappear.

Pet Visitation Program
In 1980 the Humane Society began a pet visitation program where cats and dogs are taken to area nursing homes, hospitals and similar facilities to visit with patients and residents.  Numerous studies have shown that animal visitations bring great joy and comfort to those in nursing homes or recovering.

Humane Education
The Venango County Humane Society has long provided educational programs in schools to teach children at an early age about how to treat animals and their pets humanely.  Exposing children to animals early helps them understand animals better and also helps them to bond with animals in a kind and caring way.