Tips for Finding Your Pet  

  • Check your neighborhood 
  •  Walk around your neighborhood as you call your pet 
  • Carry some food to lure your pet out from a hiding place. 
  • Carry your pets leash – you don’t want to be unprepared! 
  • Ask everyone if they have seen your pet. Carry a recent pet photo. Make sure that everyone knows your pet is missing. A small reward will motivate people to search. 
  • Drive around your neighborhood at night. 

Check the Animal Shelters    

  • We recommend you check for your pet by coming to the shelter. (Lost reports will not be taken over the phone.) Bring with you a detailed description of your pet and/or a picture for identification.

Don’t give up …

  • Some animals are found months after being lost! 
  • Contact other animal shelters and services in your area. 

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We sincerely wish you a happy ending to your story.