All potential adopters must complete all paperwork and meet our requirements to be approved as a new pet owner.

This is what is required to be approved as an adopter:

  1. Proof of Home Ownership – utility bill / mortgage payment statement or deed.
  2. If you Rent your home -we will need approval from your landlord to have a pet- either a letter or a call that confirms.
  3.  Prior Vet Information – will your vet recommend you as a good pet owner? Did you keep up to date with your health checks and vaccinations?
  4. No Vet Information? – We will conduct a Home Visit!

All Companion Dogs Meet These Requirements:

Examined by Board Certified Veterinarian

Heartworm Tested

 Micro-chipped Identification



Up to Date on Shots

Current on Flea Prevention


All Companion Cats meet these requirements:

Examined by Board Certified Veterinarian

Felv/FIV Tested

Micro-chipped Identification



Current Flea Preventative

Up to Date on Shots

Before you adopt ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Can I provide the needed medical care, food, and shelter required?
  • Do I have the time to give exercise, love, and attention it needs?
  • Do I have enough space?
  • Do I know if this pet is a good fit for my family?

If you can answer “YES” to the above questions,

you are a great candidate for adopting a pet. 

Before you adopt, ask the shelter or a vet about the breed you’re considering.  Consider any special needs or medical conditions that the breed may have or developMake sure you have everything you need for your pet to ensure they are happy and healthy.