Snuggle’s Snippets 

                      A Column For and About Cats

Hi! My name is Snuggles! I was a Maine Coon Shelter Cat, but I got adopted. Yea! No shelter life for me! I strutted my stuff and put my tail in the air as high as I could from my cage, until I caught the attention of a college coed. She just couldn’t resist my beautiful fur and green eyes. I was also very handsome and fluffy. Out of the cage I went! I was so happy to find a home and just couldn’t wait to start my party life in a college apartment! Then, one day I went for a ride in the car and she gifted me to her mom! Yea, her mom! This mom kissed me all the time…even on the lips! She gave me this sissy name! Oh well, I actually really like her, now. What can I say? I get tuna snacks and treats, groomed  and cut  (something to do with digesting fur balls) AND…I get blueberry facials! I guess I can live with it.

Speaking of living with… I also live with 5 other fur buddies. Two are dogs; YES, I said, DOGS!! Awe, it’s OK because they are two toy French poodles.   They don’t chase me because I am bigger than they are and their wagging tails make perfect “swat targets”! It keeps me mildly amused…

The rest of the crew are cats…Sassy, Munchie and Peaches. They all came from a shelter, too! I can tell you one thing; I am definitely the feline intellect around here. These three could care less about doing anything constructive! All they want is to be petted all day by mom and suck on blankets. JEESH!! 

OK, enough about them, back to ME!:)

Well, because I didn’t pee on the bed this time when my mom’s cousin came for a visit, I decided to ask for something really big for my birthday. I asked for a Kuranda bed and a computer. After I played around with it for awhile and got bored with all the mouse and string games on YouTube, I learned to type and got this idea to write an information column for cats.

You want information? I got it! I am excited to share with you the great things about cats and ideas that might help you if you are on a cat’s staff.  It makes me feel like I am back in college and it keeps me out of the sink…well, most of the time!

Watch for my monthly Snippets! Some day, you will be a smart cat, just like me!

SEPTEMBER – Classrooms and Clowders

     As the kids go back to their classrooms, the moms and dads get back to a routine and some time to themselves.  Have you thought of taking some time to volunteer at a shelter, now that the kids are back in school? Consider it!

     Also, a representative from the shelter could go to your student’s classroom and teach about what a shelter is! They can also speak about pet care and how to keep your animals from running away!

     We are also in the middle of kitten season.  Shelters are full of cats and can not accept strays. If you see a clowder of cats, they could be feral and mama may not be too far away.  Watch awhile before you move them to make sure they have been abandoned. 

     Depending on their age, abandoned kittens require special care.  Up until they are 4 weeks old they need help with EVERYTHING!  Call your local shelter on how to take care of kittens.  They will be informed and be able to tell you how to determine their age and how they should eat. They will need immediate care. 

Taking care of kittens is rewarding and educational! You are part of a life saving effort.  Kittens that are saved turn into wonderful pets.  IF you have any doubts, just look at me!


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